Developing educational and social skills in a therapeutic environment

All of our activities listed below provide a safe and supportive environment for people with special requirements, allowing them to develop in a way that is most comfortable for them.

Activities with Animals

There are over forty animals at Mount Pleasant Farm and counting.

The many different species of animals allow us to provide multiple exercises and activities for our visitors and help us teach about mutualistic relationships, teamwork and to offer a sense of responsibility.
Our animals require a lot of love so we give our visitors the opportunity to care for our animals by cleaning their pens and feeding and grooming them.

The animals we have include:

  • Miniature Donkeys
  • Kune Kune Pigs
  • Hampshire Down Ram
  • Ewes & Lambs
  • Alpacas
  • Golden Guernsey Goats
  • Chickens
  • Giant Rabbits
  • Dogs

Visitors will learn about each of the animals’ special requirements and how to nurture each one. At lambing time of year, children will be able to bottle-feed the lambs to help them grow into healthy sheep.

However it’s not all work. All of our animals have a friendly nature and love to be played with. Despite their appearance, our Kune Kune pigs love to play football, so we invite our guests to join in with a quick game at the end of a visit.

Horticulture & Gardening Activities

We give our visitors the opportunity to get their hands dirty by taking part in some work around the farm. As well as regular harvesting, there’s plenty of planting to do every month thanks to a combination of indoor and outdoor gardening areas. We also maintain the fruit and vegetables that are in growth, checking that they are being properly cared for.

We want to express how important plants are to the ecosystem by having our visitors assist us in cultivating our land and planting trees and bushes to encourage wildlife and insects to visit the area. This will allow our visitors to discover the role vegetation plays in the environment and how this role changes throughout the seasons.

Building & Crafting Activities

The site is equipped with an arts & crafts house.

Materials can be found to plant seeds into pots which will eventually grow into the plants that will be planted around the site. Basic building tasks will be set which will involve piecing a bird-house together, and creating bug hotels. These are all very important tasks when it come to the health of the ecosystem, promoting the importance of proper habitation for the wildlife in the area.

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